Tenant Testimonials

My husband and I recently relocated to San Francisco, and we could not have done it without the help of Joe Gillach from Progressive Property Group. Joe’s profound market knowledge and thoughtful and thorough approach resulted in us finding the perfect place, in literally two days!

Jenny M., Tenant

If I could give SIX STARS, I would. I would like to HIGHLY recommend an agent named JOE GILLACH. Not only did he find us the PERFECT place to live in SF, but the experience he provided was top notch and so refreshing. He SAVED us!!!

Damian D., Tenant

I wanted a turnkey, furnished, nicer apartment for a 6 month period before leaving for a sabbatical, and Progressive did a great job renting to me. Joe provided a very tight service, more like one would expect from a hotel than from a property manager. Everything was above-board and timely. Would recommend them to other renters.

Michael M., Tenant

Joe helped us through the entire leasing process! My roommate and I just had the pleasure of working with him when looking for an apartment in the city. We ended up finding a wonderful apartment by the ballpark. Joe was very easy to get in contact with. After sending in our applications we were approved within 24 hours and we moved right ahead. Everything was finalized today and we couldn’t be happier. I have worked with realtors before when renting but never have had such a good experience as with Joe and Progressive. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for renting a home.

Lauren J., Tenant

We rented a house represented by Dace and her folks. It’s been almost a year and we can’t be happier with them. It’s an old house so not surprisingly many things failed during our stay, including the fridge, cooking range, washer, among other. Dace has always returned my calls or emails quickly, and taken care of repair requests in a timely fashion. I would assume the owner is pretty happy with her too. We rented the house the same day it went on market (the pictures Dace put on craigslist were very helpful and she was readily available via phone). Now we’re moving in a week and Dace has found the next tenant within a week. We also found her website handy. It includes important phone numbers if you’re new to SF, as well as useful forms like notice to vacate. It provides automatic bank draft as rent payment option, which saved us monthly trips to the post office (and ensured speedy payment to the owner too I guess). Overall a very pleasant one year for us. Thank you Dace!

Craig S., Tenant

I LOVE the online payment option offered through Progressive Property Group! What a wonderful idea and tool.

Dana W., Tenant

I rented from Progressive Property Group for just about 2 years and couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Dace always responded quickly to any queries we had and she was always respectful. After dealing with a couple of mediocre landlords/property managers in the past, it was refreshing to see that renting doesn’t always have to be a drag. I would recommend Progressive Property to anyone… you will not be disappointed!

John B., Tenant

I have only praises to sing for Progressive, especially Dace. The process of getting fully vetted and signed into our new space took less than 24 hours! Dace was awesome, and even came out to us to pick up our deposit check. Dace and the electronic lease signing made the whole process as easy as pie. This firm is great and they know their stuff. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an apartment to rent in the SF area.

Bobby M., Tenant

My roommate and I just rented an apartment through Joe Gillach at Progressive last week, and it was by far the best experience I have had with a rental agent. The process was quick and efficient – from arranging the initial showing to the application process. Within 12 hours of submitting our applications, we were approved by both Progressive and the owner for move-in, and by using the digital leasing system that they provided, my roommate who was traveling internationally could even sign the lease to finalize our apartment. Even after signing the lease, Joe continued to help us access the apartment for measurements and connect us with the owner. I would highly recommend Joe and Progressive for anyone looking to rent. Not only was he efficient but he was also friendly and accommodating throughout the entire process.

Dana T., Tenant

Progressive is by far the best and most professional property management company we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Brianna W., Tenant

I’ve never written a yelp review before, but was inspired to do so by the quality service I received from Dace at Progressive. From the outset, she was flexible, responsive, efficient and FAIR. All matters were handled in a timely fashion and she couldn’t have made matters easier. Much to my (really nice) surprise, her responsiveness continued after I moved in. Not only would I highly recommend Progressive to anyone searching for a place to live, I would use them myself to manage any property I rented out.

Gail F., Tenant

Looking for new housing in a competitive city like SF, in the middle of taking my last law school finals (ever!) was not something I was looking forward to. At all. Thankfully, finding Dace and Progressive Property Group saved me some time and frustration, by answering my email re: the apartment quickly, thoroughly explaining the features of the property and the lease, and providing a great online system to sign the lease with. Plus, as a soon to be graduate, it was great their application allowed me to explain my varied/untraditional sources of income. This was the first and only apartment we viewed and I feel like it was fate that I met Dace and got this place. She’s incredibly personable and professional, and it was a pleasure doing business with her. My husband and I are thrilled about our new place!

Joie F., Tenant

We had a great experience with Dace at Progressive! Looking for apartments in San Francisco is a harrowing experience. It’s like interviewing for three jobs and going on three first dates every single day. We got a great feeling from her immediately. She was the agent for the apartment we ended up renting and the whole thing was much easier because of her. Communication was super easy, and we were able to get the lease over a secure digital email dohickey business instead of faxing it. She was a joy, which was great! So many people we dealt with in that month were super duper shady. It’s refreshing to have someone kind in the business when you’re moving!

Booge B., Tenant

It may be a little unusual to write a review of your landlord, but I couldn’t let Joe Gillach go unrecognized. We rented a house in the sunset through Joe. I was immediately impressed with him at the open house, by his professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency, all of which carried over through our rental experience. At the open house, Joe had the property staged beautifully and had clearly put a lot of work into getting the property ready and to finding good tenants for the owners. If at any point we decide to rent out a home we own in San Francisco, we would definitely go through Joe.

Progressive was also extremely responsive with all house maintenance needs. We had a few issues and they were addressed IMMEDIATELY. We called about paint chipping off a windowsill and it was sanded and painted right away. A huge window became cracked and Progressive took care of it within days with professional installers. A closed door broke and was replaced. And, most importantly to me, when our stove and oven broke on Christmas Eve with a house full of family and uncooked food and Progressive did not have someone on staff to fix it, they allowed us to call a 24 hour repair service and paid the bill no questions asked.

Finally, with the move-out, Joe was responsive and clear. He told us what we needed to do, and when, to receive our deposit. Joe is as courteous, friendly, and professional as it gets in the property business.

Sully S. Tenant

I have been living in a Progressive Property managed building in the Marina for almost two years, and I would like to thank Joe Gillach for his part in making the experience incredibly pleasant. Joe has been extremely responsive with repairs and all aspects of apartment living, and he’s a first rate professional to work with. Well done Progressive!

Leslie L., Tenant